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Online worship is a wonderful blessing, but it brings with it unique temptations to pull us out of a worshipful mindset. As you worship online consider the following tips to get the most out of the service you can.

  • If you have the means, download the bulletin on a separate screen or separate device. If your eyes are good enough a phone or tablet works very well! You can use the bulletin at home just like you usually do.
  • Try to keep Sunday morning special, just as you would if you were coming to the church building. Get up at the normal time. Dress up a little bit as if you were leaving the house. Fix your hair, do your makeup, put on your cologne. It’s amazing how much this can impact how we are feeling.
  • Participate in worship as if you were in the building. Sing along with the hymns. Speak the responses. If you are able, stand up when we usually stand and sit when we usually sit. Lutheran worship isn’t about spectating, but participating. Plus, it’s easier to focus if you’re active and involved.
  • Worship with your children. Jesus invited the little children to come to him, and that is crucial in times like these. Pastor will continue to have a children’s message, so be sure to let the kids watch for that time in the service. Tell your children what to expect with online worship and what your expectations are for them. You probably expect them to sit and be quiet during worship in the church building. You can expect the same of them during your worship time at home. Provide quiet activities for them to do. Sit with them. Model worship for them. If things get crazy, don’t give up!
  • After church, think of someone you would normally see in worship on Sunday morning and give them a phone call, especially if you suspect they don’t have a computer or internet. We are a family of believers – let’s be there for each other. Just because we are isolated doesn’t mean we need to be alone.
  • If your Sunday routine included Bible study and/or Sunday school. Take a few minutes after worship to read a Bible story and consider what it means for you at this time in this place. God’s Word is always a blessing to his people.
  • If your Sunday routine includes going out for lunch, consider ordering take-out or delivery from a local restaurant as long as it is allowed. If you are able, do your part to support your favorite small businesses during this time. They need to see our love too.
  • Your pastor cares about you and wants to serve you! Be sure to pray for him and contact him if you have suggestions to improve the online service.
Watch our service live! Each Sunday morning tune in at 9am to catch our service live!
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