“To God alone be praise & glory!”
These are the words under which we pass as we enter and leave our building. It is a summary of our lives and a summary of what God’s Word teaches. All of our salvation is because of God’s work. The cross is prominent on our grounds to constantly remind us and all passersby that the work of salvation was completed by Jesus on that cross. To God alone be praise & glory!
Christ Lutheran is a Christian church with roots in the Lutheran tradition. We hold the three ecumenical creeds and the Lutheran Confessions to be faithful expressions of God’s truth revealed to us in the Bible.
We are not alone in our efforts but are a part of a group of more than twelve hundred Christian churches called the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod or WELS. The WELS is a worldwide church with congregations serving all fifty of the United States, as well as over 23 countries through world mission work.
Today, in WELS, the gospel is preached and taught clearly in 1,287 congregations, 403 early childhood ministries, 324 Lutheran elementary schools, and 23 area Lutheran high schools.
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