Lord Teach Us To Pray
The Lord’s Prayer Devotional Series

Video 1 of 9: In this devotion, we look at the Address of the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father who art in Heaven”.

Video 2 of 9: Can I actually keep God’s name holy? What does God’s holiness have to do with my prayers? Join me in God’s word to find out.

Video 3 of 9: What is God’s kingdom? Where is God’s kingdom and how does it come? In this brief devotion, we turn to God’s Word to address these questions.

Video 4 of 9: What is God’s Will? How is it done? How can I follow it? Find out in our look at the Third Petition on the Lord’s Prayer!

Video 5 of 9: Does God still care about us? What does trust in his provision look like? Is it okay to pray about day to day things? As we look at the 4th Petition we address these questions and hear what God says to us about his care for us.

Video 6 of 9: How serious are our sins? How does God punish us for our sins? How can I possibly forgive others? Take a few moments as we look at the 5th petition of the Lord’s prayer and here what God has to say from his Word.


Video 7 of 9: What is temptation? Who is responsible for temptation? Does God tempt us? Please join me in turning to God’s word for a short study of temptation and the role this petition of the Lord’s prayer has in our daily prayers.

Video 8 of 9: How can a loving God allow so much bad to happen? What is evil and does it have a purpose? Does God send evil into our lives? Listen as we look to God’s word to help us understand the 7th petition of the Lord’s prayer and how to pray about evil that we face.

Video 9 of 9: What is our confidence in prayer? Why is prayer such an unique resource? Why do we use the word “Amen” to end our prayers? As we finish our look at the Lord’s Prayer we look at what God’s Word says about the “Doxology”, this final portion of the Lord’s Prayer in which we give praise and glory to God.

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