2020 Holy Week Devotional Series

Video 1 of 3: We often focus on Thursday, Friday and the Sundays of Holy Week, but what about the other days? What can we learn about Jesus’ mindset this entire week to help us to better understand the “Big” events of this week? I invite you to listen with me as we hear Jesus continue to teach us on this Tuesday of Holy Week.

Video 2 of 3: What happened on Wednesday of Holy Week? Some refer to this day as “Spy Wednesday”, as the plot to arrest and murder Jesus thickens. Others refer to it as “Silent Wednesday” as we don’t know a whole lot about what Jesus was physically doing on this day. Or do we? Please share a few minutes with me as we turn to God’s word and find comfort in what Jesus was doing then and still doing today. Thank you.

Video 3 of 3: What was happening on Saturday? Jesus is dead. He is in the tomb. But there were some who were worried about that. Please spare a few moments of your time to listen to God’s Word with me as we learn how we can sometimes learn from those who don’t believe by doing the very thing they do! Thank you for letting me share God’s Word with you!